Roast and Toast
Get Buzzed with us! There are two great buzzes in life: those that come from a bean and a brew; we’ve decided that you shouldn’t have to choose. Roast and Toast is a coffeehouse and brewery that targets young adults. At Roast and Toast, we strive to be modern yet vintage, appetizing yet satiating, modest yet striking. No matter what you choose, fill your cup with something strong. Catering to all audiences, we combine modern jargon with a vintage-inspired design. In addition to the vast options on the restaurant menu, Roast and Toast also sell their brews in cans to-go. Feast like a king but pay like a pauper. Come get your buzz. 
Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign
At its essence, Roast and Toast gives a “cheers” energy. At least, that is how it seeks to attract a youthful yet nostalgic demographic of drinkers. For this reason, I wanted to keep that imagery throughout the logo exploration. Of course, a masterpiece isn’t built overnight (Roast and Toast customers can work on their projects every day 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.).  The logo exploration displays the mind dump and creative process behind the final smooth, hand-written type and illustrated solution. The “cheers” icon took on many different identities, playing with scale and line weight. The final icon shows differentiating mug size and fluid movement. After playing with different compositions, typefaces, and hand-drawn type, the official logo combines free-flowing lines and clean type. 
Between the youthful jargon and simple-rustic design, Roast and Toast seeks to draw in millennials. Roast and Toast has a strong pull toward a specific audience to stand out from other Breweries. At Roast and Toast, we tell it like it is with the lingo you love. Need the balls to conquer the day? Shoot your shot. Done with the day? We’ll take it away so you can just slay. Adulting sucks but our black coffee doesn’t. Check out our menu to find your fuel or fix. 
You need not be told when to consume the bean, the brew, or the bite. We trust you to know your needs when you need them. If you want some fried nibbles before noon, we won’t judge. The vast menu and playful items to choose from create a judge-free atmosphere that allows you to get what you want and when you want it. The menu is printed on a craft-paper with hand-drawn doodles which mimic the same style of Roast and Toast’s packaging. The type showcases a very minimal and clean aesthetic. 
Roast and Toast's packaging features different hand-drawn patterns for each unique draft beer. Each pattern plays off of the name and undertone flavors in each beer. The social butterfly is a blue pattern with butterflies and chocolate. One pattern is fruity and businesslike, while another is sweet and tweety. Take a packaged draft beer with you to embrace your inner social butterfly, feel on fleek, relish in a retweet, and be a boss woman. 
Our large windows will give you Vitamin D during your days and glowing golden hour pics for your evening outings. Nothing beats a good brick background, so dress to feel your best and the environment will do the rest. 
In conclusion, Roast and Toast offers an exciting and unique experience for its customers by blending the worlds of coffee and beer. The youthful jargon, playful items, and vintage-inspired design create a welcoming and fun atmosphere that caters to a specific audience. With a vast menu and hand-drawn patterns for each draft beer, Roast and Toast offers something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a strong cup of coffee or a refreshing beer, Roast and Toast is the perfect destination for you.
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